Advanced Guide

The Gauntlet

2014-02-12 03:16:12

The Gauntlet is a special PVE Guild event, held every other day, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. The Gauntlet is essentially a MOBA, Players defend their angel statue against waves of NPCs that make their way down 1 of 3 lanes. The guild must defend their statue, lest it be destroyed!


Basic Rules

1.There are 3 lanes on each map. After a set amount of time, a wave of NPCs will proceed down said lanes.

2.Players can click on an NPC to attack them. Even if a player loses, said NPC will not regain HP.

3.All NPCs pause for 5 seconds during combat.


How to Win

1.All Statues have a set amount of HP, no matter how much HP is left, each NPC that reaches the statue will deal a set amount of DMG.

2. Any NPC that deals damage to the Statue will disappear immediately after.

3.If the Statue’s HP reaches 0, the event is over, and your guild loses!

4.If the Statue still has HP at the end of the event, your guild wins!



1.Each road has 2 Bosses, these bosses generally appear in the middle of the map.

2.Click a Boss to enter battle.

3.Each Boss has a special buff, the player that delivers the killing blow to the Boss gets this buff!



1.All players will get a Gauntlet Pack for participation.

2.All players will receive a basic prize, based on the amount of DMG they dealt.

3.Players who kill a Boss will get even better rewards.

4.Additionally, rank in the Gauntlet leader boards will get an additional prize.


Battle the forces of evil, with Angels by your side!

Carry your angel into battel!

Angels are Here for you to call Upon!

Fight back your Angel, be her hero

Battel the evil with your Angel!
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