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League of Angels FAQ

2014-02-12 01:27:40


Q: What kind of classes are available in League of Angels?

A: During Closed Beta, and Open Beta, there will be two character classes: The Warrior, and the Mage.


Q: What is the Warrior like?

A: Warriors have high DEF and PATK, they are useful for protecting weaker party members, and surviving long, drawn out battles.


Q: What is the Mage like?

A: The mage is your proverbial glass cannon. Sure it has weak DEF, but it more than makes up for it with its high MATK. Be sure to keep any mage well protected!



Q: How do I get an Angel?

A: You actually start the game off with an Angel, Nocturna. After that, you can get other angels through clearing dungeons, leveling up, and participating in special events.


Q: How do I level up my Angel?

A: In the Angel menu, select the Angel you wish to level up, and click Bond. You get 10 free chances to bond with your Angel each day. If you wish to bond more, you can use Angel Tears, which are dropped in various dungeons, and for sale for both gold and diamonds.


Q: Why do I need an Angel?

A: Angels are not simply another party member in League of Angels, they are a honed weapon. Each angel has its own unique attack, and something known as a Halo. The Halo allows the angel to buff various slots in your formation. Each Halo is different, meaning that it is beneficial to have more than one angel ready for battle.


Q: What if I used all my Angel Tears to level up one Angel, and then get a new one, do I have to start over?

A: No! You can use the Inherit feature to transfer EXP from one angel to another. If you wish to do so, simply select the Angel you wish to transfer EXP from, then click Inherit, from here, you need to select a Target Angel (the Angel which you will transfer EXP to), then click Inherit.


Q: What is the Aegis?

A: The Aegis is an ancient breastplate used by the Angels in battle, restoring and upgrading them allow you to impart your angel with special skills and stat buffs. You can upgrade your Aegis by smelting Aegis shards collected in the Zodiac.


Q: How do I get Aegis Shards?

A: You get Aegis Shards by clearing dungeons in the Zodiac.



Q: Why do I need heroes in League of Angels?

A: Aside from your Angel, your party can have up to 5 heroes. There are several different hero classes, each filling different roles.


Q: How do I get heroes in League of Angels?

A: You can recruit heroes at the Tavern. Recruiting heroes is easy, first your draw cards to get valuable Herosoul, then exchange your Herosoul for a hero of your choice.


Q: How do I tell which heroes are strongest?

A: First, it should be noted that each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is difficult to say which heroes are best. However, as a general rle of thumb, you can tell a heroes strength by the color of their name: blue is weaker than purple, orange beats purple, and red heroes are the strongest.


Q: What is Herosoul?

A: Herosoul is an item used to exchange for newer, better heroes.


Q: How do I take my heroes to battle?

A: When you get a new hero, and want to add them to your Party, simply click the Party button at the bottom of the screen, select the hero you wish to add to your party, and drag them into your formation.


Q: How do I make my heroes stronger?

A: In League of Angels, there are a number of ways to make your heroes stronger than before. One way is through training, click the Train button on the bottom of the screen, there you can use Soulstones to increase your heroes stats! Another way is through Drills, which can be found at the top of the screen. In Drills, you can have your heroes do combat exercises for a set period of time, increasing their EXP.



Q: How does combat work in League of Angels?

A: League of Angels features an advanced turn-based combat system. Your heroes, angels, and equipment ultimately determine the outcome of each battle. Choose wisely, and you can take down enemies far stronger than yourself.


Q: How is strike order determined?

A: AGI (agility) determines strike order.


Q: If two heroes have the same AGI, which one strikes first?

A: In the case where two heroes have the same AGI, the computer will randomly select one hero to strike first.


Q: How are skills triggered in combat?

A: Heroes get a certain amount of “Rage” for each attack they make or take, when their rage reaches 100, they will use their skill. Angels cannot be attacked, and automatically gain a fixed amount of rage after each round.


Q: How is victory determined?

A: In League of Angels, you achieve victory by killing all the opposing sides’ heroes (not including Angels).



Q: When can I begin to learn new skills?

A: In League of Angels, you may begin to learn new skills after reaching Lvl. 23.


Q: How do I learn new skills?

A: After clicking the Skill tab in the character menu, you can exchange “warsouls” to learn new skills, or upgrade your existing ones.


Q: How do I get Warsoul?

A: Warsouls can dropped in Team Dungeons, or exchanged for Arena Emblems in the Arena Shop.


Q: What is the difference between passive and active skills?

A: Active skills are triggered by Rage, while passive skills are not triggered by rage, and usually provide the hero with a long term buff, such as increased stat development.



Q: What kind of equipment is available in League of Angels?

A: Each hero can wear 6 types of equipment: weapons, armor, greaves, helmet, accessory, and boots.


Q: How do I tell which equipment is best?

A: Generally speaking, the easiest way to tell which equipment is best is by its color: Green is weaker than blue, purple beats blue, orange is stronger than purple, while red is the strongest.


Q: How can I get better equipment?

A: You can get better equipment by playing the Erebus, Arena, and participating in various special events.


Q: How do I make my equipment stronger?

A: There are several ways you can make your equipment stronger: enhancing and embedding gems.


Q: How come some equipment can only be enhanced to +5, while other equipment can be enhanced to +20?

A: The number of times equipment can be enhanced is determined by its quality. A piece of blue equipment may only be upgraded 5 times, while a piece of higher quality equipment can be upgraded over 50 times.


Q: Can I make my own equipment?

A: Yes, go to the Forge, and then click on the Synth tab. There, you can use various prints and materials to synthesize your own equipment.


Q: Are gems really useful? How do I get them?

A: Gems are one of the best ways to give your heroes a stat boost. You can get lower level gems though playing Gemology, League of Angels’ match-3 mini game. From there, you can synthesize your lower level gems into higher level ones.



Q: How can I play a team dungeon?

A: Team Dungeons unlock when you get to Lvl. 25. As you level up, you will gain access to harder Team Dungeons.


Q: How many players do I need for a Team Dungeon?

A: You can access a team dungeon with two players, but it is best to have 3, that way you can be sure to get more Warsoul and skill books!


Q: Can I bring my entire party into a Team Dungeon?

A: No, you can only bring your main character, an angel, and 1 hero.


Q: How do I Blitz single player dungeons?

A: First, you have to clear the dungeon without blitzing, after that you can blitz to your heart’s content.


Friends System:

Q: Why should I add friends?

A: Adding friends gives you an enhanced gameplay experience, aside from making it easier to find people for Team Dungeons, you can congratulate your friends when they hit certain milestones, and receive extra gold!



Q: How do I get access to the Guild system?

A: The guild system unlocks at Lvl. 20.



Q: When can I access the Arena?

A: The Arena unlocks at Lvl. 25.


Q: What do I get for fighting in the Arena?

A: You are rewarded Arena Emblems, which you can exchange at the Arena Shop for special items.



Q: What is the Astral system?

A: The Astral System is your very own roadmap to League of Angels. Not only does it tell you what level you need to be to access certain features。Additionally, each time you activate an Astral (or star, as some players call them), you gain additional stats!



Q: What is a title?

A: A title essentially allows other players to know your rank, it is earned by reaching a certain level, as well as performing well in the Arena.


Q: Does the title do anything?

A: Yes, activating your title allows you to receive additional stat boosts. Also, higher level titles grant access to special limited time events.



Q: How do I get a mount?

A: You unlock your first mount at Lvl. 21.


Q: What does a mount do?

A: Aside from granting you faster movement speed, mounts give your main character stat boosts, as well as special skills.


Q: How to I upgrade my mount?

A: There are two ways to upgrade your mount: EXP potions, and Soulstones.


Q: How do I get Soulstones?

A: Currently, you can grow Soulstones in your Garden, or exchange them with Arena Emblems in the Arena Shop.



Q: What is Gemology?

A: Gemology is a mini-game, and easiest way to get Gems.


Q: How do I play Gemology?

A: Match 3 or more colors and you will get some gems, the more colors you match each turn, the more gems you get.


Tide Pool:

Q: What is the Tide Pool?

A: The Tide Pool is one of Leage of Angel’s many mini games. It is the best way to get Soulstones, to upgrade your mount.


Q: How do I play the Tide Pool?

A: You shoot munitions at the various sea life that swim by. You can purchase muntions with gold in the Tide Pool menu.


Q: I keep missing, how can I shoot better munitions?

A: You can click the buttons next to the gun to use a bigger gun. Bigger guns have a larger blast radius, but use less munitions.


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