Advanced Guide

The Erebus

2014-02-12 03:06:45

The Erebus is a dark abyss full of mystery at every corner. Essentially, the Erebus is a rogue-like. Each step you take holds an unknown Fate. Will you confronted by a troop of angry guardians? Or will you find a chest of gold? Take a step into the darkness and find out!



Level: The Erebus unlocks at Lvl. 40

Access: You can access the Erebus by clicking the Erubus button at the top of the screen.

Chances: Each player gets 1 free chance at the Erebus daily, with additional chances given to VIP players.

Difficulty: The Erebus has 4 difficulties: Normal, Purgatory, Hell, and Nightmare.

Time Limit: Each time you enter the Erebus, you will have 2 hours to complete. During these 2 hours, you can exit the Erebus to do other things in game, if need be.

Rewards: Aside from the various rewards you find while roaming through the Erebus, players will be allowed to draw up to 9 cards at the end, depending on how many points they can earn. Prizes available to draw include EXP, and more importantly, equipment shards, which are essential to crafting better equipment.

Angels are Here for you to call Upon!


1.Click the Erebus button at the top of the screen.

2.Select a difficulty and level.

3.The Erebus contains 100 tiles. Each time you move to a new tile, you use 1 step. You start the Erebus with 50 steps, and may gain more depending on which Fates you step into.

4.In the Erebus, your goal is to collect as many points as possible, before reaching and defeating the boss on the opposite side of the map.

5.Aside from managing your steps, you need to manage HP, which you lose if you fail to win a battle; Changes, which allow you to change your fate if you are not satisfied; and Skips, which allow you to Skip a Fate entirely.

6.Each Fate has the potential to add or take away from your point total, be careful!

Angels are Here for you to call Upon!

Drawing Prizes

As mentioned before, you can draw more than 1 prize, depending on how many points you earn in the Erebus.

0-399 Points = 1 Draw

400-599 Points = 2 Draws 

600-799 Points = 3 Draws 

800-999 Points = 4 Draws 

1000-1199 Points = 5 Draws

1200-1399 Points= 6 Draws

1400-1599 Points = 7 Draws 

1600-1799 Points = 8 Draws

1800+ Points = 9 Draws

Angels are Here for you to call Upon!


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Angels are Here for you to call Upon!

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