[Forum Event] Next Person

2015-06-02 04:50:51

Make an assumption and let the next player to answer it according to the actual situation. The player will also need to make another assumption and let the next player to answer it.

Let’s get moving! Join the event and you will be able to receive a prize!


Event Link


Duration: June 2-June 4


- Participation reward: Adv. Energy Card(10) x1, Soulstone x100, Blessed Stone x50

- Lucky reward: People in every 10 floors will receive an extra bonus, such as Floor 10, 20, 30,40, 50...



You: Next person’s favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory.

In game name: Mary

Sever: S1

The next: True/ False, my favorite TV show is Vampire Diary.

Next person is sleepy,he spent the past whole night   playing this interesting game.  

In game name: Sonigti

Sever: S2



1. Every ID can only claim rewards once.

2. To join the event, your answer must be made in this thread.

3. Only the first 150 players can get the reward.

4. The final interpretation right is reserved by Game321.


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