My Valentine

2015-02-12 21:37:31

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. So in this valentine's day send us a pic of you and your beloved (In game) and take home some Valentine Gifts.

 League of Angels Official Site-2014's Top Browser RPG & MMO Games-League of Angels


Duration:Feb 13th - Feb 14th


1)    Each ID can only claim rewards once.

2)    Participate in the event post, otherwise it will be considered as invalid.

3)    Don’t forget to add IGN and Server of you and your Beloved  in the reply.



Participation Reward:- Blessed Stone x50,Tarot Flip Cards(5) x 2 ,Awakening Stone x50, LvL 6  Common Gems Chest x 1, Basic Energy Card(10) x2  

Top 5 reward :- Blessed Stone x100, Basic Energy Card(50)x1,Tarot Flip Cards(5)x4 ,Awakening Stone x100, LvL 6  Common Gems Chest x 2



1.   The most Creative, beautiful Pair will get the Top 5 reward. Like awesome Background(Ingame), Cute/Handsome Cloths(Ingame) and Mounts. Etc

2.   Only the first 75  couples will be rewarded.

Event link  


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