[Forum Event] Find 100 In Game

2014-09-22 00:54:07

There will be 100 servers opened in League of Angels. In order to thank you for your support of League of Angels and to celebrate the opening of the 100th Server, we will hold the In-Game Find 100 forum event. Players who participate in will receive rich rewards.

Duration: September 22 - October 7, 2014

Server: All

Reward: Ruby Herosoul*20,Seraph's Stone*20,Soulstone*50


1. Participate in this event by finding screenshots which include the number 100. Must be related to League of Angels.

2. Each ID can claim rewards only once. If the same number 100 is used more than once by different players, rewards will be granted to the player who is the first to display the screenshot. Others will be considered invalid.

3. Participate in this event in the appointed event post, otherwise, it will be considered invalid. (Event Link)

4. All rights are reserved by Game321.


Format Sample:

In Game Name: August123

Sever: S1

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