Moderator Application Announcement

2014-07-22 02:04:09

We are looking for Moderators for the League of AngelsFacebook Fan Page Community. All moderators will be able to add content to the fan page on a weekly basis. Moderators will need to have great experience with this game and should be ranked.

We believe that your enthusiasm will carry over to the LOA Fan Page and will provide a great environment for gamers just like yourself. In order to be qualified for this position, you must be able provide content that touches on such subjects as:

Newbie FAQ

Special Features

Today`s Ranking Lists

Today`s Hot spots

Strategies for leveling up

Strategies for certain events

Strategies for Server PK

In Game Screenshots

Fan Page Events and Activities

Please do not apply for this position if you cannot keep up with the Fan Page on a daily basis and cannot create English documents easily. You must be patient and polite to all members of the community and be able to give no less than 2 hours per day. Inability to complete requirements will result in removal of status.


The Benefits for becoming a Moderator will be various in-game prizes and officially joining our community. Once joining the community we will give you more access into how to join the team further if your performance is excellent.

We will make our decisions based on your qualifications and ability to meet our requirements.

Thanks from everyone at the Recruiter Team!

Moderator Application

Title: FB Fan Page Moderator Application

Facebook account:

Available On-line time/day:


Game Account ID:


Character Level:

Character Name:

Reasons why you believe you would be an excellent Super Moderator:

Explain what information would be in your Newbie FAQ:

If you are willing to be a Fan Page moderator, please send the above information to the following email address: [email protected]


The recruitment is valid until July 29,2014 (CDT)


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