League of Angels Update 3.0042

2014-03-07 04:54:00

Update time: March 6

Version number: v3.0042

We will be updating League of Angels to Version 3.0042. Servers will be updated on March 7. The update will not affect your progress in the game. To enjoy the update, simply refresh the page when the update is complete.


New Features

New system 1: Hero and Mount Upgrade

Upgrade your heroes and mount to increase their stats and level their skills. For details regarding Hero and Mount Upgrade, please visit here.

Hero Upgrade

1. The heroes in your party can now be upgraded! Enter the Train menu and you’ll see the Upgrade button.

2. “Bless stone” is the item used for upgrades. They are used to raise the “bless points” of your heroes. Every time you use a Bless stone, your hero has a chance to Upgrade. The chance of upgrade is based on the amount of bless points your hero has. Bless Stone can be obtained from Tidal Pool and the upcoming Raider system.

3. A hero can be upgraded a maximum of 27 times.

4. Each upgrade will increase your hero's stats by 5% of the base stats; every 3 upgrades will increase his/her skill level by 1. So the higher the hero's base stats is, the more stats boost he/she will get after upgrading. The base stats can be increased by using Soulstones to train the hero.


1. Like heroes, mounts can now also be upgraded. Enter the Mount menu and click on the Upgrade tab to start.

2. Upgrading Mounts is the same as upgrading heroes.

Every 3 upgrades will increase your mount's skill by 1 level; each upgrade will increase its stats by 5% of the base stats. So the higher its base stats is, the more stats boost it will get after upgrading. The base stats can be increased by using Soulstones to train the mount.


New system 2: Raiders

Explore and raid for Bless Stones, the key item for Hero and Mount Upgrade system. For details regarding Raiders, please visit here.

Brief Introduction:

Level Requirement: Lvl. 30

Entrance: “Raiders” button

Items: Bless Stones, Soulstones

System: Explore, Raid, Synth


1. Players can explore 15 times for free every day.

2. Players can get rare items and resources like Bless Chest shards, Soul Chest shards.


1. Players can raid 10 times for free every day.

2. Click “Raid” and raidable players will be shown. Players’ levels, chances of raiding, and number of shards are also shown.

3. Click an available player and the raiding starts. The winning player has a chance to get the shards possessed by the opponent.


1. When the number of shards has reached a certain amount, Synth will be accessible.

2. Synth requires some time to complete. During the Synth, if shards are deprived, Synth will stop automatically.


New system 3: Guild Boss

Break the seal of the guild boss and fight with your guild members! For details regarding Guild Boss, please visit here.


Guild members may unlock a guild boss and battle them together with other guild members. The guild members who participate in the Guild Boss event can get rare items like Gold, Soulstones, and many more by defeating a guild boss.

Basic Information

Participation Requirements: guild level must be higher than Lvl. 1.

How to enter: Guild Menu - Guild Events - Guild Boss

Guild Boss Cooldown: 10:00 - 23:00


1. Enter Guild Boss and spend diamonds to unlock a seal.

2. Guild Boss contains of 3 seals: Common, Epic, and Majestic. Players need to spend 250 diamonds, 500 diamonds, and 1000 diamonds respectively to unlock the 3 seals.

3. Unlocking higher seals requires players to defeat more bosses, but also increases the amount of rewards they can get.

4. Each guild member can unlock a seal 3 times every day. The limit will not reset if the guild member transfers to another guild.

5. Each guild member can participate in the Guild Boss event 3 times every day. The limit will not reset if the guild member transfers to another guild.

6. Once a guild has started the Guild Boss event, other guild members cannot unlock another seal until it has been completed.

7. Rewards for unlocking are sent through in-game mail.

8. Rewards include: Gold, Bless Stones, and Gem Chests.


League of Angels Operation Team

March 7, 2014


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